Our Number One Priority Is a Safe Environment in Our Workplace

Our priority, at BP Industrial, is to create and maintain a safe environment in our workplace. The safety of our employees, partners, and the public is a core value.

We ensure that our facilities and our customer's worksites follow all safety protocols and processes.

Our Commitment to Safety

  • We are committed to maintaining and achieving an injury-free workplace. 
  • Compliance with all health and safety legislation, industry requirements and best practices.
  • Actively identifying and controlling safety risks associated with the services we provide.
  • Promotion of accountability and responsibility of safety from our employees, stakeholders and contractors.
  • Continuous improvement of our safety protocols, processes and procedure to maintain industry best practices.
  • Regular external and in-house training to ensure our employees maintain current knowledge.

Prioritizing Environmental Preservation

BP Industrial is committed to preserving the Elk Valley wildlife and the environment. Hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams are unavoidable.

We understand the need to ensure these waste streams are processed and recycled, or disposed of to prioritize environmental preservation.

Our Commitment to Safe Practices

Our Commitment to Safe Practices

  • Dedication to regulatory compliance and maintaining current, in-depth knowledge.
  • Advance facility design that ensures premium services while mitigating environmental risk. 
  • Continuous support for employees to make positive decisions that are environmentally responsible.
  • Collaboration with customers and industry peers to support environmental management policies.
  • Maintaining constant communication with the government, industry and general public about our processes, policies and track record.